Parking Experience You Can Count On

Professional Experience and Accountability

WorldWide Parking was established in 1992 to provide privatized parking management services to clients around the world. We are unique in the industry in that we provide a full-service operation with state-of-the-art equipment. From the original design of a parking system to the collection of enforcement revenues, WorldWide Parking handles each and every step along the way at no capital expense to our clients. We represent only the finest in electronic on- and off-street parking equipment and are always on the lookout for the newest technologies.

By tapping our operational, equipment and management experience, we provide our clients with professionally managed systems, improved revenues and increased customer satisfaction. Our management team is made up of members from the top echelon of the parking industry. We seek out those who are forward thinkers and encourage the use of the latest technologies to the benefit of our clients. We have developed effective proprietary operating standards for operation.

Strong Communication Skills

Accountability, accurate, timely reporting and strong communication skills are among WorldWide's many strengths. We recognize the unique needs of each of our clients. Every aspect of our clients' requirements are addressed. Exemplary solutions are developed and implemented for each unique parking need.

WorldWide Parking and its affiliated companies have a global reach and operating history in the United States, South Korea, Mexico, Poland, Turkey and Brazil. Our clients receive a fully operational turn-key system. By contracting with WorldWide Parking, clients receive the benefit of a single, local point of contact for the operation, instead of several vendors responsible for the variety of services provided. For each operation, we establish a local office, and hire local personnel.

On-Street & Off-Street Parking System Integration

On-street parking systems are WorldWide Parking's forte. We have established on-street parking systems in areas of the world where previously there was no controlled parking. Moreover, there was no legal means of implementing controlled parking systems. We work closely with government officials to ensure that the proper legislation is in place to effectively implement a system that will be of the most benefit to the government entity and its constituents.

In the United States, municipalities and other entities have managed their parking systems since the introduction of the parking meter. We now offer our services to these clients to alleviate not only the capital expenses of maintaining such a system, but also the Human Resource expenses and allocations. Through our experience, we have established systems to update equipment and improve revenues.

In addition to our on-street expertise, WorldWide Parking also manages off-street parking facilities for municipalities, universities and hospitals. We provide the same professional experience and accountability as in our on-street systems. In areas where it is not feasible to provide a full range of services, we can prepare an ala carte menu of specific services and we also provide consulting services for on- and off-street parking, including layout feasibility studies and traffic control equipment studies.

Whether we are providing the simplest consulting services, or the most complex on-street parking system, WorldWide Parking is dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients.