WorldWide Parking Client Benefits

Parking Pay Station

WorldWide Parking provides exceptional services to its customers with a wide range of benefits. City managers constantly seek methods to improve revenues and enhance services to their citizens. Municipal authorities have sought privatization in information management, transportation, sanitation, water, sewer, electrical, and prison management services.

Today the astute city manager is looking to the privatization of municipal parking services. While other firms offer some of the services provided by WorldWide Parking, no other company offers our paradigm menu of services and proven track record for delivery of those services. The following are just some of the benefits our clients enjoy:


WorldWide Parking provides its clients with state-of-the-art, fully auditable, electronic parking equipment. WorldWide Parking has relationships with many of the leading parking equipment manufacturers in the world and will supply the equipment best suited to our client's unique requirements.

All equipment is provided by WorldWide Parking without any capital cost to the city. The city is able to replace obsolete, malfunctioning, and often unsightly parking equipment thereby improving not only the functionality of the equipment but the appearance of city streets and off street parking lots as well.


WorldWide Parking provides parking equipment and a menu of services including system design, installation, maintenance, collection, and enforcement. WorldWide Parking will assign a highly qualified parking system manager to the contract, giving the City a single point of contact.

City officials call a single point of contact to address all aspects of the parking system eliminating wasted time and ensuring professional and prompt response. This single point of contact immediately assesses client concerns and escalates to higher management those issues that can't be solved on location within a maximum of 24 hours.

This leads to remarkable customer service and system responsiveness. Exceptional open communication between our management and the City allows us to act as a team to quickly resolve any issue.


Municipal parking systems employing WorldWide Parking's proven standard operating procedures enjoy enhanced revenues. WorldWide Parking installs modern electronic programmable equipment. Working with the city, we can develop a variety of rate structures to maximize parking revenue. Electronic meters can be readily programmed to change rate structures several times per day seven days per week.

WorldWide Parking is able to design, implement, and operate smart card distribution networks to further enhance revenues and increase customer satisfaction with the parking system. Electronic auditing of the meters and financial reporting to the city assure the city of receiving all monies deposited in the equipment. Hence, the City Controller is able to accurately project parking system revenues and has no need to budget for system costs - WorldWide Parking pays all costs of operation.


WorldWide Parking has developed extensive security controls and collection procedures. Key control, secure collection, counting, and transportation of funds are the responsibility of WorldWide Parking. The City is relieved of the risk of loss of revenues due to theft or embezzlement.


All employees work for WorldWide Parking, which is responsible for the payment of employee-related payroll, benefits, training, and all other costs of operations. City managers reduce their budget for employment and are relieved of the high cost of employee benefits including insurance and possible pension obligations.

Parking Enforcement


Parking services are among the few tangible situations in which the public "meets" the municipality. Through well-functioning equipment, local personnel trained in citizen response, and consistent enforcement practices, WorldWide Parking protects and enhances the City's image.

We provide an in-depth training program that produces highly trained uniformed personnel, educated in our goals of customer satisfaction and complaint resolution techniques. WorldWide Parking develops a website to ensure the public understands the system and has an avenue to provide feedback to both the city and WorldWide in the form of comments and suggestions regarding the parking system.