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Relationships with manufactures around the world allow WorldWide Parking to offer our clients a diversified range of products. We search the globe for the most technologically-advanced products with quality in mind. All of our equipment is state-of-the-art and fully-electronic allowing comprehensive electronic auditing and providing the highest security available. Each model has a proven track record in a variety of operations in many conditions.

Smartphone Parking App

Cellular Phone Payments for Parking

With this system, cellular phones can be used for payment of parking fees. When a vehicle is parked, a sequence of entries is input to initiate payment for parking. Upon returning to the vehicle, the motorist inputs another series of entries to discontinue payment. The motorist only pays for the amount of time the vehicle was parked. Parking fees generally may be automatically added to the cellular phone bill or charged to a credit/debit card.


Single & Multi-Space Parking Meter

As traditionally used in the United States, the single-space parking meter is a control device installed in front of each individual parking space. The motorist must walk to the parking meter in front of the vehicle to insert either coins or Smart Cards for payment until the desired amount of time is purchased.

The multi-space parking meter is similar in look and operation to the single-space meter but controls more than one space. Typically, each multi-space meter will control 2, 3 or 4 spaces from a single unit. The motorist must locate the appropriate parking meter, press a button selecting the space they are parked in, and insert either coins or Smart Cards for payment until the desired amount of time is purchased.

Smartphone Parking App

Multi-Bay and Pay & Display Parking Meter

Multi-bay and Pay & Display meters are typically used to control more than ten spaces from one unit. The units are larger in size than standard single- or multi-space meters. These units are often installed on-street to control an entire block face or in a parking lot application.

When using this equipment, the motorist must walk to the meter, insert coins, Smart Cards, or credit cards for payment until the desired amount of time is purchased. For Pay & Display, a receipt must be displayed on the dashboard of the car.

In Car Parking Meter Service

In car parking meter devices allow individual motorists to pay for parking by utilizing a unit displayed in the window of the vehicle. This palm-size unit provides the motorist with convenience by eliminating the need to carry coins and paying for parking curbside.

The process for paying for parking is as follows: turn the device on, select appropriate zone and the amount parking time to be purchased. Upon returning to the vehicle, the unit is turned off. Payment is made by either loading the device with electronic cash or by Smart Card.

Access Control & Video Surveillance

WorldWide Parking offers a complete portfolio of products to meet the many needs of a diverse customer base where parking access and revenue control is needed. We provide customers a variety of options for their access control needs; Pay-on-Exit, Pay-on-Entry, or Pay-by-License in a cost-effective, easy to manage parking solution.

We also offer video and photo solutions for surveillance and Red Light & Speeding photo enforcement.