WorldWide Parking Services

Parking Privatization Services

WorldWide Parking offers its clients complete turnkey parking systems. Our services provide our clients with one point of contact for all of their parking needs. We can tailor our range of services to meet our clients specific requirements.

  • Survey, analyze streets and layout of parking system
  • Identify appropriate parking control equipment
  • Purchase all parking and related equipment
  • Paint parking stalls/zones and installation of signage
  • Installation of parking control equipment
  • Implement parking meter management systems (PMMS)
  • Implement proactive and reactive maintenance procedures
  • Collection and electronic audit/verification of parking revenues
  • Counting and depositing of all parking revenues
  • Enforce parking regulations & and process violations
  • Administration of Smart Card and cell phone payment systems
  • Implementation of public relations campaign
  • Provide ongoing consulting services

College and University Smart Card Services

Utilizing WorldWide Parking's Smart Card services allows the client to provide one card to its students for many applications. This universal card offers a convenient, secure way for students to pay for any of the following of services: parking, campus transportation and purchases at vending machines, photocopiers, campus cafeterias, restaurants, bookstores, and other retail outlets. The cards can also be used as student identifications as well as a means of access to campus facilities.

  • Systems design
  • Purchase or lease of equipment
  • Equipment integration
  • Implement information campaign
  • Card distribution
  • Revenue administration

Financial Services

In our role as a systems integrator, WorldWide Parking offers its clients additional related financial services to meet their specific requirements:

  • Meter system collections and process violations
  • Deposit, audit & reporting services
  • Equipment sales and lease options